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Introducing the Snobcast: Indie Snobbery To-Go

I’ve been admiring the podcasts of designers Jon Hicks and Jared Christensen and thought I would give it a try as a new feature for the upcoming version 3 of my site. No, I’m not recording myself talking or anything, consider this like a subscription to my current favorites; free and legal mp3s given away by their respective artists/labels. All you have to do to subscribe, for example in iTunes, is select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ from the Advanced menu and paste the address for my RSS feed, which is All that I have to do is write a post with a link to the mp3 file, and the nifty WP-iPodCatter plugin for WordPress handles the rest, it’s super easy. I’m kicking it off with three excellent selections from Tracker, The Advantage, and Sunset Rubdown, enjoy.

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